Download Our White Papers and Presentations from PharmaSUG 2019

PharmaSUG 2019 Conference was held from Jun 16 - 19, 2019 at Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. As you know, PharmaSUG is the absolute premier event of the year for all statistical programmers, statisticians, data managers, researchers, and all who analyze data in the life sciences industries.

Navitas Data Sciences was very well represented this year, with our top leaders attending, and three papers were presented. If you enjoyed the presentations, and would like a copy…or if you missed them, but don’t want to miss out, we are making them available to you here.

Unleash the Power of Less Well Known but Useful SAS(r) DATA Step Functions
by Timothy Harrington, SAS Programmer, Navitas Data Sciences
Solutions to a variety of programming challenges are demonstrated and the advantages of powerful, but lesser-known techniques are discussed and compared to more traditional means. Click below:

The Knight's Tour in 3-Dimensional Chess
by John R Gerlach, Navitas Data Sciences and Scott M Gerlach, Dartmouth College
Three dimensional chess uses two or more chess boards such that a chess piece can traverse the several boards according to the rules for that piece. The paper, The Knight's Tour in Chess - Implementing a Heuristic Solution (Gerlach 2015), explains a SAS® solution for finding the knight's tour on a single board, starting from any square on the board. This paper discusses several scenarios and solutions for generating the knight's tour in three-dimensional chess. Click below:

Working from a Home Office Versus Working On-Site
by Timothy Harrington, SAS Programmer, Navitas Data Sciences
It is estimated that by 2020 approx 72 percent of the American workforce will be working remotely. This paper is a discussion of the benefits and challenges of working remotely as opposed to working on site for an employer or a client. Click below: