Gifts Come in Many Shapes and Forms

Autumn is here, and the season of gift-giving is almost upon us. DataCeutics is well-known in the community for its Philanthropic contributions. CEO Matt Ferdock feels strongly that happy workers do great programming.  “We encourage our employees to participate in charity work and social groups that give them a sense of belonging, as well as to provide a better life for others,” Ferdock says. “It's part of keeping our employees happy,” he continues.

Indeed, DataCeutics and its employees have helped physically, or to raise money for needy children in Haiti, the Burn Prevention Network, Scar Research, Habitat for Humanity, Shattered Studios, and Houston students affected by Hurricane Harvey, among many others.

Social researcher Hugh MacKay, has made a study of happiness and is well-known for The Good Life: What Makes a Life Worth Living?(1) MacKay said in an interview with Gaye Pattison at ABC Goulburn Murray, "What makes a life worth living, can be summed up in one answer: The good life is the life lived for others.”(2)

He goes on to say, “It's a life lived according to this fundamental moral principal; that we should treat other people the way we would like to be treated ourselves. That we should put other people's happiness ahead of our own…”(3)

MacKay brings to mind the old proverb, “Charity begins at Home” - a reminder that we do not need to stray far from the home, or the office, to do good deeds and to give gifts. And we do not necessarily need to be wealthy to do good deeds, either. “We are by nature social creatures, so you can fulfill your human purpose by being engaged with the society, the community, the neighborhood, the organization, the group that you work or live with. The extent to which you are engaged is really a very big measure of the extent to which you are living the good life. So that can happen whether you are a high status or a low status person or you are wealthy or poor,” insists MacKay.(4) There are many ways to give gifts that don’t involve monetary transactions:

·        Respecting each other and each other’s' talents

·        Helping one another with a skill that may need to be strengthened

·        Showing enthusiasm for teamwork

·        Being open to new ideas

·        Entering the office (or video conference meeting) with a smile and a warm greeting

·        Cleaning up after yourself, and sometimes even after others

You get the idea…practice thoughtfulness and kindness in everything you do, in every season, and as you spread the love and joy of giving, happiness is bound to envelop you and make each day at the office…or wherever you are, worth living.

(1) (New ed.), PanMacmillan, ISBN 978-1-7426-1213-3 (originally published 2013)