Finding good employees is a challenge every industry faces.  Finding the best employees who fit with your culture and have the right skills and expertise to meet client expectations is a bigger challenge.  At DataCeutics, we believe the first and often best place to begin the search for the next “rock star” is to engage your current rock stars in the process.  

At DataCeutics, we want to engage our employees in a different, yet rewarding way. Unlike the bland garden variety program with a single incentive (usually a one-time payout to the referring employee) that gets lost on some HR internal web page, we keep our program front and center for our employees.

To keep our program exciting and interesting, we use a themed campaign approach with each campaign being approximately 3 months long.  For example, our latest campaign included a winter theme with awards such as cozy throws, Thanksgiving Day platters, and gift cards to popular big box stores such as Home Depot, Barnes & Noble, and Target, just to name a few.

The campaigns are designed with unique incentives for employees when it comes to offering exceptional candidates from their social networks.  Our employees love that the incentive structure includes levels of awards based on the pre-interview, interview, and post-interview process.  These range from $25 awards to $5K awards based on the stage of the hiring process. Level 1 awards ($25 value) are for simply presenting a candidate to DataCeutics, Level 2 ($50 value) awards are presented to employees whose candidate passes the basic skills evaluation and Level 3 awards ($500 value) are presented to employees if the candidate results in a new hire.  The ultimate award is after the new hire has been in their new role for 3 months at which point the referring employee receives a $5K bonus.

We keep our employees engaged with multiple communications, several award levels, and a higher than average monetary reward for a new hire.  Our employees love it, are able to play an active role in hiring new employees, and are able to help shape a culture within DataCeutics.   

This process allows DataCeutics to strengthen its employee base with highly-qualified people similar to those already in-house. Clients can be confident that innovative, creative, and strategic ways of staffing provide highly motivated and talented resources that offers a consistent high-level of expertise to staff their next challenging project.

In addition, this process creates an incredible cost savings allowing the company to offer rewarding positions with competitive salaries and benefit packages.

Our internal referral campaigns have been a success and a great compliment to our external efforts.   We believe there is no better source for people we would like as part of our DataCeutics family than by asking our existing family for referrals.  If you would like to learn more about our program or discuss your own programming needs, please feel free to reach out to Jeanne Lane or Kathy Greer