Centers for Excellence at DataCeutics

Around the time CDISC was gaining momentum, my partner, and President of DataCeutics, Paul Gilbert established an internal group, the CDISC Center of Excellence (CoE) whose mission was to inform the rest of the company on new developments and challenges to implementing standards across the pharmaceutical/biotech research landscape. The importance of universal standards to industry had been discussed and wrangled over since clinical trials were first computerized (and yes, Paul remembers the days when clinical trials were done on clay tables, so computers were a revolution!).


Under Paul’s guidance, the group developed a training regimen and a methodology for helping companies adopt SDTM and ADaM standards and make the most of them.


Following Paul’s vision, under the leadership of our Vice President of Marketing & Sales, Susan Walsh, we have since expanded from a single CoE to nearly a dozen more centers, each headed by a thought leader responsible for keeping abreast of new technologies, methodologies, processes, and solutions all focused on maintaining our leadership in the drug industry.


Each CoE leader has at least 20 years’ experience in the drug industry and was chosen because they have written and presented papers at scientific conferences, published, or managed projects where their expertise was a successful contribution. These leaders will continue to publish in their area and contribute to our client’s as needed. The goal of each of the CoEs is to maintain our leadership role in the services we offer our customers.

As leaders, we believe our customers will ultimately decrease errors, increase turn around, and earn submission approvals more quickly by using the services we offer.

Matt Ferdock, CEO DataCeutics