DataCeutics & Sugarloaf Police Officers Association Golf Outing

This year is the 9th annual Sugarloaf Police Officers Association Golf Outing. Since 2012, DataCeutics has been donating to the Sugarloaf Township Police Department. One way to “give back” is by taking part in the Sugarloaf Police Officers Association Golf Outing, an annual event that aims to bring the police department and the community together for a relaxing day of golf and fellowship. The proceeds go towards the police keeping equipment and training up to date.

“We’re really happy that DataCeutics helps support the officers and the association with the training and equipment that the township can’t afford and the equipment that the officers need and want. It allows them the freedom to procure items that will better assist them in the field,” said Corporal Ackerman, President of the Sugarloaf Police Officers Association.

The seven-person department consists of Police Chief Joshua Winters, Corporal Justin Ackerman and Officers Thomas Kurtz, Kyle Steinbacher, Carol Davenport, Robert Zientek, and Jeremy Mulders. The officers cover a 34-square mile area in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania and are committed to a community-oriented approach. This can easily be seen by the activity on the Sugarloaf Township Police Department’s official Facebook page. The social media channel helps inform citizens of what is happening from arrests to helping find the owners of a lost puppy. They get many kudos regarding their superb work that people of other townships are a bit envious. One such posting said, “You guys have a seriously awesome reputation of cleaning up the streets in your area and it shows all over Facebook. I sure wish our township did what you guys do. Huge props Sugarloaf PD!!”

The township cannot always afford to provide the Police Department with enough funding for new state of the art equipment and training. DataCeutics is proud to help support the community.  Matthew Ferdock, CEO of DataCeutics says, “It is a great way to better the community and keep it safe by giving the police the opportunity to acquire the equipment and training they need.”

If you would like to donate to the Sugarloaf Police association, please visit their website at