DataCeutics Sponsors Relay for LIfe

Relay For Life

DataCeutics has sponsored Relay for Life events for the past two years and continues to do so. Relay for Life is the signature fundraiser for the American Cancer Society, raising funds for cancer treatment, research, and awareness.

Relay for Life’s events are international and span more than 20 countries and are in over 5,200 communities. What makes Relay for Life unique is how the race is run. Races can range from 6 to 24 hours in length, and tend to be on the longer side. The reason races go on all day and throughout the night is to symbolize that Cancer never sleeps and so neither does the fight to stop it.

Relay for Life raises a remarkable amount of money every year for the American Cancer Society. In 2015, communities in the US alone raised 150 million dollars for Cancer Research Grants. It also supported hundreds of thousands in guiding them through the healthcare system, giving rides to and from treatment, providing help and support via phone, email, and online chats, and providing thousands of nights of free lodging at American Cancer Society Hope Lodge Facilities.

One of the great things about Relay for Life is that anyone anywhere can get involved and start their own chapter or join one that is nearby. The events are always in a local community and coordinated by the residents, it doesn’t need to be grandiose, but rather an event that is made easy for people to participate. It helps people support their community and truly see the help they’re doing first-hand.

DataCeutics’ support in Relay for Life is headed by Kelly Harris and her team For the Love of Donna. They have helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars ($200,000) for this wonderful organization. We want to help fight cancer in any way we can and there are many ways to donate if you want to help too. You can sponsor an event or team, or make a direct donation to a specific event or the organization.

It’s really easy to find an event or to make a donation, just go to  or to check out what is happening near you. Who knows, there might just be an event happening right in your backyard!