CR Toolkit™


DataCeutics’ CR Toolkit™ goes further to help programmers with redundant processes and compliance with FDA submissions.  The macro tool enables users to create more TLGs in a shorter period of time.

The CR Toolkit™ is essentially a library of SAS Macros, ready for implementation. In practice, it simplifies all programming needs.  Designed to automate the reporting process and help drive standardization, the macro toolkit manages page layouts for all outputs, speeds production of tables, listings, and graphs, through the use of validated code, which reduces the need for validation and simplifies re-processing.

The toolkit minimizes programmer variability by leveraging the use of standard, controlled tools. Standard table appearance can be centrally controlled through assignments of default settings; however, programmers always have the ability to deviate from standards when necessary and generate exactly the reports they need.  

The CR Toolkit™ is supported in Windows and UNIX; ODS outputs are fully supported and reliance on standard SAS procedures to process and display results ensures quality and enables DataCeutics to incorporate new SAS features as they become available.    

Macros are used in a number of different industries.  What is a macro?  A single instruction that expands automatically into a set of instructions to perform a particular task. 

"In today’s competitive environment, DataCeutics offers this macro tool to add value," said Paul Gilbert, President of DataCeutics.  He adds, “Deploying tools that give programmers a quicker method to complete projects gives way for the highly skilled programmer to spend more time working through the complicated and one-off type of work projects.”

Among DataCeutics’ clients, you can find 50% of most projects creating TLGs at any given time.  The CR Toolkit™ is:

  • A clinical reporting software and independent platform created with the aim to improve productivity, quality, and compliance;
  • A producer of better quality programming in a faster period of time over competitors, which in the end saves in overall cost;
  • Fully supports CDISC SDTM and ADaM data; and
  • Easy to learn and training is offered. A standard call interface is provided as well as upgrades. You will be able to get started in just one week!

“Deploying tools that give programmers a quicker way to complete projects gives way for the highly skilled programmer to spend more time working through the complicated and one-off type of work projects.”


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DataCeutics is a Functional Service Provider of Statistical Programming, and has been supporting the Pharmaceutical Industry for over 23 years. Services include Biostatistics, SAS Statistical Programming, Clinical Reporting Applications, Industry Standards and Regulations, Clinical Systems and Compliance.  Focus includes multiple therapeutic areas including but not limited to, Oncology, Diabetes, and Respiratory & Cardiovascular. All programmers have been extensively trained and experienced in CDISC, SDTM, and ADaM.  DataCeutics supports FDA submission requirements and delivers accurate & timely data that has a direct impact on profitability.  We provide our customers the ability to reduce time to market through experience and skills. We can dedicate a team to the project averaging 18 years of clinical experience. This is possible through our superior recruiting process guaranteeing premium skills, coupled with our high retention rate.