Corporate Philanthropy

DataCeutic’s owners and employees have a lot in common besides programming and being Trekkers. What is equally interesting is the social responsibility fabric of this company.

According to Entrepreneur, a philanthropy that ultimately does good — whether for the planet or the community — reflects positively back on a business and its’ leadership. Some may think that this credential is solely about reputation, but it’s much more than that. When charitable endeavors lift a community, this boosts the company and perhaps its’ profits, as a result. The reciprocal nature of the relationship between philanthropy and business means that doing good and doing well become one and the same.

At the end of the day, philanthropy is about helping people in need, and that should be reward enough. Corporate philanthropy or any charity can be different and expressed in unique ways. You can get creative with your ideas but here are some charitable initiatives the employees of DataCeutics are currently involved:

-Donate your fantasy football winnings to charity
-Assist the physically challenged to stay active and feel empowered; be a partner and assist in a physical activity
-Make a donation to the SPIRIT Scar Research Fund
-Help build infrastructure for medical and nutritional care clinics needed in depressed geographic areas
-Give laptop(s) to a school in need
-Join Habitat for Humanity
-Support your local police department
-Help open people’s minds to music by donating time to review books about classical music

Giving back to the community and the people all around is truly important to us, we enjoy it, and we hope you can too. The efforts involved help build relationships, strengths, engages employees and creates brand all around.