DataCeutics Donates Laptops to Haiti in Support of Furthering Students’ Education

March 28, 2016 Pottstown, PA –

DataCeutics recently supported a mission trip to Beaudois, Haiti by a medical/nutrition team from a local church. While the main reason for this trip was to take part in an inaugural medical/nutrition clinic, the group took along additional laptops, donated by DataCeutics, for use in the computer lab at the school and also presented one of the laptops to a young Haitian gentleman to assist him in furthering his education.

In Haiti, students go to primary school until they complete Grade 13, mostly at paid private schools as there are very few free government primary schools.

Unfortunately, for many young men and women who have completed their primary education in Haiti, they have little to no opportunity to continue their education at the University level due to the high costs of education. For the team, it was a rewarding experience to be able to provide additional laptops to the school for use by the students, and also to present a laptop to Jeff Guillaume. Jeff is a motivated, talented young man who is very knowledgeable about computers. The cost for Jeff to purchase a laptop on his own is much too high, since he lives on only a few dollars a day. His dream is to one day go to the University of Haiti to major in Computer Science and would need a computer for his studies.

Jeff was excited and grateful to receive this gift from DataCeutics and plans to download English podcasts and other educational tools to further his mastery of the English language. To be able to speak English is a valuable skill in Haiti. What a gratifying experience it is to support a student who has the desire and potential for a bright future. The Haitian Team Coordinator and some of the team members are also looking into forming a University Pictured here is Jeff Guillaume who received a laptop, donated by DataCeutics, to help him continue his education in Haiti. Sponsorship Program for students like Jeff. Candidates will be selected from the community by the pastor and civil leaders of Beaudois.

Upon earning their degree, these candidates will be asked to return to Beaudois to transfer their new skills and knowledge back into the community by working to improve the everyday lives of the residents. The details of this program are still being worked out. It is hoped that the young men and women of Beaudois, Haiti can further their education since it can have a profound impact on an individual‘s health and nutrition as well as productivity and earnings.

The more educated a person is the more likely they receive information on proper hygiene, healthy dieting and ways to prevent communicable diseases; all of which can lead to increased life expectancy. In addition, research has established that every year of schooling increases individual wages for both men and women by a worldwide average of 10 percent. In poor countries, the gains are even greater.

DataCeutics will continue to donate laptops to the school in Beaudois, Haiti to further the education and skills of their students.

A small gift/donation, such as a laptop, can make a big difference in helping students to improve their education and ultimately change their future.

If you are interested in learning more about this or would like to become involved, please contact Tom Kratz, Haitian Team Coordinator at

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