DataCeutics and Mission to Haiti work Hand in Hand

In 2010, Haiti suffered from a terrible natural disaster which claimed the lives of over 300,000 people and left 2.3 million homeless or displaced. Calling this 7.0 magnitude earthquake devastating would be an understatement, but what comes out of devastation is sometimes goodness. DataCeutics, a company that has been shaping the future of medicine for nearly 20 years, made a decision to help aid a community less fortunate than theirs.

Thousands of people were inspired to volunteer their time in the aftermath of the earthquake. Tom Kratz and Taffy Bowman are two of our friends that have continued their trips to Haiti in an effort to improve the quality of life of others.

CEO of DataCeutics, Matt Ferdock said, “Beaudois is a community in the mountainous region of Haiti that needs help. We are happy to contribute financially to bring micronutrients and laptops to aid in what the mission wants to accomplish — improve life for the Haitian people.”

An important goal for the mission is to also help the children of Beaudois with their education. The laptops donated by DataCeutics will help further their knowledge and education. Jeffrey, one of the younger people of Haiti, has made great strides in his education including speaking English by listening to American music on the laptop.

This January, Tom, Taffy, and a team of 8 other volunteers are heading back to Beaudois with more medical supplies and, for the first time, a physician will be joining the team. For one week, a mobile clinic will be available to the community to provide much needed medical care. Information will be provided on how to mix the micronutrients in their food to make for a more nutritious meal. Tom will also be working on the planning and design of building the child development center.

The goal, according to Tom, is to restore hope for both the children and the community of Beaudois. Times are hard for them but they pull through each and every day striving to make their world a better place. “The Haitian people have the biggest smiles and are the most gracious people,” said volunteer Taffy Bowman.

DataCeutics is incredibly honored to help a community by providing funds that will supply micronutrients to enrich food and minds — to fight malnutrition. DataCeutics sends their best wishes to the people of Beaudois.

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