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Quality of Work Life Surpasses those of Large CRO’s and Pharmaceutical Companies

At DataCeutics, we understand that the work environment is very different than it was a generation ago. With this, we try to build the type of company work environment that will attract and retain the very best employees, while also meeting our clients’ needs. For the past 20 years, DataCeutics employees have enjoyed our flexible work hours, and many telecommute and work comfortably from within their own home-based office environments. By creating this type of work environment, DataCeutics has helped to minimize conflict between job and family life, thereby reducing work-related stress.

Many of our employees do not have to commute and benefit financially by not having to buy gas or pay for vehicle maintenance; costs typically associated with commuting to and from the workplace. For many of our employees, the mental stress of commuting is also eliminated at DataCeutics because commuting is not required. A modern work life should be a balance between family and work and here at DataCeutics, like no other company, we can help to balance your work and personal life. Ultimately, our employees experience improved overall quality of life.

All of the hardware and software needed to support telecommuting are provided to each employee. Telecommuting is the future as highways become over crowded, fuel charges escalate, and commute times increase. This future has been the way DataCeutics has run its company for 20 years.

DataCeutics Employee Shares Personal Reasons Why You Should Join the DataCeutics Team

Recently DataCeutics asked one of its employees to share her personal reasons why someone might want to join the DataCeutics Team. Below are her comments and how she describes working for our unique organization.

Energizing – Dynamically Changing Environment – Ability to Apply Knowledge & Experience – Make a Distinct Difference

By supporting long and short term diverse client programs, employees are energized in a dynamically-changing work environment with opportunities to apply their collected knowledge, experience and skills and make a distinct difference for our customers.”

Challenging Work Environment – Entrusted to Solve Problems – Empowered to use Imagination & Critically Think

“We are known as the ‘top’ or ‘gold standard’ service provider. Our clients rely upon us and we receive some of the industry’s most challenging work. We are the only company that can be trusted enough to solve the most critical problems or foresee and plan for issues before they arise. As a core foundation to our business model, DataCeutics employees are empowered to use their imagination, experience and critical thinking skills to achieve client goals.”

Strong Sense of Satisfaction, Completion & Contribution – Helping Clients Promote Cures & Enhance Life

“As projects begin and end and we meet our clients’ clinical development milestones, there is a strong sense of satisfaction, completion and contribution to helping our clients’ efforts to promote cures and enhance life.”

Strong Sense of Independence – Rewarding & Quality Work Environment – Ability to Perform your Best Work

“Our remote-based work environment is wonderful and provides employees with a strong sense of independence -balanced with a high-level of responsibility. The environment is rewarding as employees quickly find that they gain efficiencies as they are more comfortable to perform their best work.”

Work with Top Industry Professionals – Ability to Apply Skills

“DataCeutics has been successful in bringing together top-industry professionals that work well together. The team environments converge together to support a wide range of client needs and DataCeutics places its’ employees on teams that are best suited for the skills required.”

DataCeutics is built upon a strong foundation of excellence

DataCeutics is recognized for establishing and recruiting employee relationships with some of the industry’s most seasoned professionals. Our goal when conducting an employee candidate search is to identify those individuals that are the most qualified and talented to add to the DataCeutics environment. We are committed to excellence and seek clinical research professionals with the following criteria:

  • 10 – 15 years of experience within clinical research with specific concentrations in therapeutic areas and disease states
  • Strong educational background from accredited institutions
  • Certifications and Continuing Educational Units (CEUs) in core areas of specialty
  • Affiliations with industry associations and organizations
  • Relationships with industry partners and key influencers
  • Past career success and development in major areas of concentration
  • High test scores on our internal Grammar and Writing Employee Candidate Evaluation
  • High proficiency on our internal Technical Verbal and Programming Employee Candidate Evaluation
  • Completion of our internal Compliance Writing Evaluation
  • Successful fulfillment of our extensive background and reference checks
A place to develop your career in clinical research

DataCeutics is the place to come to focus on and perfect your core occupational areas of interest. If you consistently excel in one particular area and possess a track record to out-deliver and exceed expectations, DataCeutics would like to join forces with you. Together, with your help, we can keep our clients satisfied and help them to get life-saving products to market quicker.

A dynamic environment with a variety of career roles

To provide first-class support to our clients we rely upon our diverse team. At DataCeutics, we look for professionals within the pharmaceutical industry that are known for their quality workmanship and experience, their technical skills and those who have the ability to think strategically. Our company is growing each year, and to support this growth, we are constantly recruiting for positions, such as statistical programmers, biostatisticians and project managers. Today, we are interested in you and how you might meld into the DataCeutics environment. We are proud that our employees stay with us long-term and they commit their careers to DataCeutics. DataCeutics is a place where they have the independence to develop and grow. With this, our clients enjoy the stability we provide in combination with our long standing commitment to quality and our deep-rooted convictions to integrity in the workplace. Please contact DataCeutics if you believe we might be a good fit for you or check out our current job postings and submit your resume for consideration.

Current job postings
Senior Consultant, Clinical SAS Programmer Analyst
The Senior Consultant, Clinical SAS Programmer Analyst is an independent programmer and analyst supporting the clinical reporting production programming and verification for client Regulatory Submissions (NDAs). Critical client project activities are reporting database development, statistical and clinical reporting, verification and submissions support. DETAILS
Principal Statistician
The Principal Statistician performs high-level client consulting and who develops and leads teams within DataCeutics and at clients. The Principal Statistician primary focus is to lead and perform the statistical planning and statistical analysis of clinical studies. DETAILS

Reasons to join

At DataCeutics, you will be joining a strong, elite team of professionals that take great pride in providing outstanding quality and unsurpassed customer support. Our people are some of the most intellectually gifted in the clinical drug research environment and by working with us, you will have the opportunity to partner with them in a stimulating culture that is one rooted in integrity. DataCeutics is family-friendly and our flexible work arrangements and comprehensive benefit package exceeds employment standards. In addition, we offer a collaborative corporate package that provides opportunities for personal growth through spot recognition bonuses and performance bonuses.

Rewarding Career

DataCeutics provides an opportunity to join a growing, dynamic organization and develop a rewarding career. By merging your talents with us, you will be able to help our clients promote cures by getting their products to market quicker. This will ultimately enhance life. At DataCeutics, you will help make a positive impact on people’s lives by contributing your experience, technical skills and knowledge, and integrity to our clients’ projects within clinical research.

Family Friendly

Our company is family-friendly and we designed our compensation and benefits package with this in mind. We recognize that the family unit is the center of an employee’s life and we encourage our people to balance their careers around it. Our flexible work arrangements and comprehensive benefit package exceeds employment standards. In addition, we offer a collaborative corporate package that provides opportunities for personal growth.

  • Participation in a 401(k) retirement plan
  • Health and dental insurance
  • Disability insurance

  • Participation in AFLAC Supplemental Hospital Protection & Accident and Cancer Indemnity
  • Spot recognition bonuses
  • Employee referral bonus