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DataCeutics is a specialty Functional Service Provider that drives innovative drugs to patients faster through our strong technical expertise in Biostatistics, Clinical Reporting and Clinical Data Management. By tapping into our team of industry professionals, we can help you tackle the biggest challenge facing the global pharmaceutical industry today- low productivity in development. By providing operational efficiencies and striving to deliver optimal client margins, DataCeutics continues to drive forth quality data and accurate drug reporting to streamline and facilitate development productivity. We can improve outcomes through our highly integrated and strategic partnership model and our consistent focus on and extensive experience with data standards by therapy area.

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Innovative Leader Accelerating the Growth of New Medicines for 20 Years

Since DataCeutics was founded in 1993, the Company has grown to support the evolving needs of the industry. DataCeutics understands the demands to solve common drug development challenges with the end goals of improving clinical studies and bringing new medicines to patients faster. By providing operational efficiencies and striving to deliver optimal client margins, DataCeutics continues to drive forth quality data and accurate drug reporting to streamline and facilitate development productivity. Through highly integrated and strategic partnerships and a pioneer focus on the globalization of data standards by therapy area and disease state, DataCeutics increases the chances of improved client outcomes. 

Looking Forward into 2014 and the Distinctive Therapeutic Value we Offer

DataCeutics is optimistic that R&D in the life science industry will turn a corner in 2013 and that companies will bump up their total spending.  Drug development is becoming more efficient and collaborative in its approach to solving issues, with emerging markets and globalization taking center stage. Data standard ‘harmonization’ is of primary interest to DataCeutics. Our own internal DataCeutics Data Standards Center of Excellence program provides additional value and confirms our commitment to working collaboratively with our clients and CDISC, CFAST, the FDA and the newly formed TransCelerate BioPharma on developing and adopting narrow therapeutic standards relative to specific disease states and conditions. 

PhUSE Computation Science Symposium, Silver Spring, MD – March 16-18, 2014

DataCeutics will be attending and sponsoring the PhUSE Computation Science Symposium in Silver Spring, Maryland on March 16-18, 2014. The theme of this event is Innovation through Collaboration. DataCeutics is pleased to sponsor this event.

PharmaSUG 2014 Annual Conference, San Diego, CA – June 1-4, 2014

DataCeutics will be attending the PharmaSUG 2014 Annual Conference in San Diego, California on June 1-4, 2014. This conference will offer two and a half days of paper presentations, networking events, demonstrations, and much more. Four members of our Professional Services division will be amongst those who present. You can read their publications here. We are pleased to be involved in this event. 


WUSS 2014, San Jose, CA – September 3-5, 2014

DataCeutics will be attending the Western Users of SAS Software Educational Forum and Conference in San Jose, CA on September 3-5, 2014.  This conference offers SAS System users a forum to exchange ideas and provides professional development opportunities for SAS users.  This meeting includes paper presentations, networking events, workshops, and more.  We are pleased to be involved in this event.

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CDISC International Interchange 2014, Bethesda, MD – November 10-14, 2014

DataCeutics will be sponsoring the CDISC International Interchange in Bethesda, MD on November 10-14, 2014. CDISC standards are critical to support the acquisition, exchange, submission, and archive of clinical research data and metadata. DataCeutics is working collaboratively with CDISC and our clients to assist in the development and support of global, platform-independent data standards by therapeutic area and disease state.


PhUSE US Single Day Events

DataCeutics will be sponsoring the five PhUSE US Single Day Events. The schedule for these events is as follows: